china needs to apologize to tzuyu and taiwan

China Needs to Apologize to Taiwan and Tzuyu and Accept Taiwan as A Separate Country

This article reflects the opinions of the writer. This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Taipeimain or Taiwan.

*I do not want to link Tzuyu’s name to politics, so in this article, I will substitute her name with “The 16-year-old girl” whenever I can. Please understand however, that this girl has become a part of Taiwanese history and it is now unavoidable for journalists anywhere to mention her without talking about China’s bullying of her and the political implications behind China’s political agenda. I am not using this girl to push any political views. I am merely writing about a historical event that this girl was involved in.


People blaming JYPE or Korea, stop. People blaming Taiwanese media and political parties, stop. JYPE and Taiwan are not the real problem. The real problem is China. If China had accepted Taiwan as a separate country like the rest of the world do, then nothing would have even happened. Stop and think about it. Everything started because China is a bully. The root problem is just China being in denial and China being unable to let go of things that do not belong to them.

That is why China needs to apologize to Tzuyu and Taiwan, and accept that Taiwan is not a part of China but a separate country.

Nothing would have happened if China wasn’t an obsessive oppressor who can’t let go of what’s not theirs. China wanted to make an example of Tzuyu to show that no one dares to defy them. When it went too far, China quickly tries to point fingers at Taiwanese media and politicians. Shame on China.

Taiwan is already a country. They are already independent, they just didn’t declare it. Taiwan doesn’t need to use Tzuyu to fight for independence. Why do they need to fight for something they already have? They already have independence. So don’t blame Taiwan, Taiwan did not use Tzuyu. China, however, wanted to use Tzuyu to lie to Chinese citizens and make Chinese citizens believe that Taiwan is not independent when it in fact is. Shame on China.

I don’t care if China is developed or not or how important it is to global economy, if this entity has the ability to brainwash a majority of 1.3 billion people into believing that there is nothing wrong with bullying a weaker country and discriminating against people who identify with that country, then something needs to be done to fix whatever it is that caused this barbaric mindset.

Get rid of the communist party and free the minds of those poor people who still think primitively. The world has evolved to become more and more accepting, but China has not. Get rid of whatever is blocking it from becoming more compassionate toward other humans. What the people of China did to an innocent 16-year-old girl is disgusting and unacceptable. The worst is they don’t even think what they did was wrong. Even when neighboring countries and the international communities call them out for bullying unjustly, the people of China could still see no fault in their horrible actions. What kind of awful brainwashing is this?

There will always be a huge gap in mindset between China and the rest of the world if we don’t do something about their brainwashing situation. If the people of China had been able to think for themselves, each person individually, they should be able to understand that abusing a child for identifying with her birth country is inhumane and in no way shows their love for China. And if enough of 1.3 billion people had been able to understand this, then maybe the victimization of the 16-year-old girl would not have happened.

How unfortunate it is that out of 1.3 billion people, not enough people understood that bullying a child for being who she is is wrong, and therefore nothing was done to stop it before it turned irreversibly evil. How unfortunate it is that there had not been enough people out of the 1.3 billion in China, to stop the ones that hate on the child from bullying her. At least I hope the people of China were capable of making this deduction had they not been brainwashed by a highly manipulative authoritarian regime.

I don’t want to generalize the whole country of China or blame its people. Rather, I want to understand what caused them to behave the way they did. My theory is that because they had not been privileged with the right to free thinking, in other words, because the Communist Party of China manipulated its citizens into thinking a certain way, they obtained a set of values that when compared to the rest of the world’s, look extremely barbaric and primitive.

Majority of Chinese people don’t know what it means to have freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression. Simply put, when a country with 1.3 billion people cannot stop itself from abusing and bullying a 16-year-old into a slave-like submission, there is something wrong with that country’s values. Something is broken in there. There should have been enough people to stand up and stop the bullying.

And to the people who claim the bullies were a minority in China: Answer these questions. If they really were the minority, then where were the people that should have stopped this minority from bullying a child? Where was the government who could have stopped it from escalating? What kind of government lets the bullying of an innocent child go this far without intervening? Where were the majority you speak of, that could have informed or helped the government stop your so-called minority?

Let’s face it, China is locked in a primitive value system. China has always brainwashed its people into believing Taiwan belongs to the Communist Party of China and therefore, when its citizens started to abuse the 16-year-old girl, China sat and let the unjust bullying happen so it can lie to its citizens and make them believe the communists who ruled them are strong and can always get what they want. That is sickening. China has distorted the value system of their people. 1.3 billion people, brainwashed to believe whatever the communist party wants them to believe.

Who knows what China will do next? Who will stop this? Who will stop China?

I want to end this article with a reminder for those who are blaming JYPE or Korea, or Taiwan. You guys need to see the real problem. Moral of the story is, nothing could stop China. The innocent child would still have been abused and discriminated against for being Taiwanese. Sure, JYPE could have handled the situation better, sure, the Taiwanese media and political parties could have not used Tzuyu to gain support for themselves, but when you get to the bottom of it, the root problem is just China being in denial. If they had simply accepted Taiwan as a separate country like everyone else in the world did, then maybe they would have had the decency to not bully and abuse an innocent teen girl for waving her own country’s flag.