jj lin and jason mraz i am alive

JJ Lin tells fans “I am Alive” in meaningful song featuring Jason Mraz

After JJ and Jason performed together in one of Taiwan’s most prestigious music awards, Golden Melody Awards (金曲獎), JJ invited his friend and idol Jason to work together again on one of his songs in his new album. JJ had thought one of the tracks was similar to Jason’s musical style and had messaged Jason the sample to let him have a listen. Jason surprised JJ when he enthusiastically agreed to the collaboration suggestion and asked to finish the song together; JJ could never forget his happiness and excitement when he received Jason’s reply. After the pair messaged back and forth to continue developing the song they were working on together, Jason was able to find a short span of time in his busy schedule to complete the music video with JJ while Jason was rehearsing for his concert in Taiwan. They kept Jason’s original guitar performance in the music especially and excluded drums and bass, instead adding in JJ’s beat boxing to create a simple yet genuine tune.

The lyrics repeated the words “I am….” Jason stated that “I am” are very powerful words, you can put in anything you want yourself to be after “I am.” The two musicians wanted to encourage everyone to believe in themselves, and live the best kind of life you want yourself to have. The meaning of the song corresponds to JJ’s newest album. This collaboration between JJ and Jason is a testimony of how two artists can share and appreciate each other’s talent.

Have strength, believe in yourself, and check out the creative music video of JJ’s new song with Jason Mraz!