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Luhan breaks records: Digital album “Reloaded” over one million sales in 5 days

Luhan breaks records with his debut digital album Reloaded by selling more than one million copies in mere 5 days after its release on QQ Music.

luhan reloaded breaks sales records

Congratulations Luhan! You and your fans are seriously the definition of amazing.

Luhan’s album was released online on September 14, 2015. Within minutes, both song titles “That Good Good” and “Adventure Time” became the top searched results and hot keywords on QQ Music and topped the Popular Trial-Listen Chart on the platform.

Reloaded is Luhan’s debut solo album (digital) after his departure from Kpop boyband EXO. It features two songs produced by experienced producer Djemba Djemba of Los Angeles, who has worked with many popular artists including Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Madonna. Djemba Djemba praised Luhan’s talent and ability to perform, stating that he was impressed by Luhan’s ability “to work with so many people surrounding him” as “that’s a very stressful situation but [Luhan] is able to handle all that pressure with ease.” Furthermore, Djemba Djemba said that he liked that “[Luhan] was very open to [his] ideas and suggestions,” stating that the pair meshed together well creatively and he liked Luhan’s style, which worked well with his style.

Luhan’s album is a collection of future R&B, with some dance elements and club elements. The other song “Adventure Time” also has catchy beats and arrangements, with an addition of robotic sounding voice morph.

Djemba Djemba stated that Luhan’s new songs “[are] a lot more modern-sounding than what you would hear in radios around the world.” The creative producer said that together the two will make music that is not only popular in China but also around the world, by making modern-sounding tracks that bring underground elements into the mainstream.

The renowned choreographer, Shaun Evaristo, choreographed Luhan’s dance for “That Good Good.”

Although we are very much distracted by the mystery behind “That Good Good” and are already screaming before Luhan makes us scream, we cannot dismiss the bold lyrics. The song talks about starting anew, being oneself, pursing one’s passion, dropping prejudices, the importance of individuality, and being ahead of the generation (wow did I just summarize the whole song in 18 words, go me), all while making fans think naughty during the English lines.

[OPINION] I thought that was very clever, as it engages English-speaking and international audiences but still gets the message across. I am really loving Luhan’s new songs. For some reason Chinese songs usually sound outdated and the current Chinese songs are still somewhat archaic in my opinion so something new like this is really refreshing. Keep them coming, Luhan!

We’re waiting for Luhan to take us all for a ride to the future and beyond. Ya promised to tell us how it’s gonna feel, Luhan, we are ready to scream.