popu lady live cover singing first dream

Popu Lady live cover: Impresses fans with “First Dream”

Popu Lady live cover:

Popu Lady impresses fans with their improved vocal performance on the latest episode (20150711) of Global Chinese Music Chart (全球中文音樂榜上榜) with a cover of “First Dream” (最初的夢想) by Christine Fan (范瑋琪).

Popu Lady debuted in 2012 under HIM International Music as a five-member girl group but received unfavorable reviews from the general public. Many commented on the girls’ lack of talent and inability to sing, suggesting that they were only put together to debut due to their beauty. Through three mini albums and a slight change in concepts though, the girls have finally gained a group of fans. Past criticisms slowly faded away as they improved both in vocal performances and dance performances.

“First Dream” is originally a Japanese song performed by Miyuki Nakajima. The Chinese version of the song was performed by Christine Fan in 2004. The song is a popular choice during graduation season as it talks about dreams and the desire to follow one’s heart with the support of your classmates and friends.

Check out Popu Lady’s cover of “First Dream” and their old-school uniform!