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most popular kpop groups exo

Most Popular Kpop Groups: Everything About Kpop Groups’ Popularity and Success

Who are the most popular Kpop groups? As Kpop goes abroad, many international fans ask this question. What is actually popular in Korea might not…

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tzuyu event taiwan flag

The Tzuyu Event is now The China Problem: How China Bullies Tzuyu into Humiliating Submission and Then Frames Taiwan

A detailed timeline and summary of The Tzuyu Event is summarized in the latter half of this article. Screenshots of Chinese netizens’ comments with English translation…

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taiwanese president support tzuyu

President of Taiwan Ma Ying Jeou Makes Statement to Support Tzuyu: She Did Nothing Wrong, Does Not Need to Apologize, Display of Flag Legitimate

After 16-year-old Taiwanese singer, Chou Tzuyu (周子瑜), is unjustly persecuted by China and its broadcasting stations and forced to apologize for waving a Taiwanese flag,…

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chou tzuyu apology for taiwan flag

16-year-old Taiwanese Girl Victimized by China: How Chou Tzuyu’s Nationality Issue Escalated

Subtitle: Summarization of how Chou Tzuyu (周子瑜), a 16-year-old child, was mistreated by adults everywhere for doing nothing wrong In the video: Tzuyu apologizes and…

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