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tzuyu event taiwan flag

The Tzuyu Event is now The China Problem: How China Bullies Tzuyu into Humiliating Submission and Then Frames Taiwan

A detailed timeline and summary of The Tzuyu Event is summarized in the latter half of this article. Screenshots of Chinese netizens’ comments with English translation…

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china needs to apologize to tzuyu and taiwan

China Needs to Apologize to Taiwan and Tzuyu and Accept Taiwan as A Separate Country

This article reflects the opinions of the writer. This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Taipeimain or Taiwan. *I do not want to…

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taiwanese president support tzuyu

President of Taiwan Ma Ying Jeou Makes Statement to Support Tzuyu: She Did Nothing Wrong, Does Not Need to Apologize, Display of Flag Legitimate

After 16-year-old Taiwanese singer, Chou Tzuyu (周子瑜), is unjustly persecuted by China and its broadcasting stations and forced to apologize for waving a Taiwanese flag,…

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